Pool Party Games for All Ages

Pool Party Games for All Ages

With Summer in the air, it is the perfect time to throw the ultimate pool party. A Wet Rock, we believe that nothing is better than the warm weather, because that mean its pool time!

5 Pool Party Games the Whole Family Will Love

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just the weekend, grab some friends and enjoy a sun-filled day by the pool, having a laugh over our favourite all-ages party games that the whole family can enjoy. To add a unique twist to your next pool party, this blog introduces our top pool party games.

1. Pool Noodle Boat Races

This is a great game for both old and young, as it takes minimal exertion or skill. Simply cut up an old pool noodle into half and then into 10cm pieces. Use a quarter of a kebab skewer to attach a flag and let the fun begin. The only rule is that competitors are not allowed to touch their boats, therefore, only blowing, splashing and making waves will get your boat moving. Whoever’s boat reaches the other side of the pool first wins!

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2. Inflatable Wars

This game is much like musical chairs; however, it requires pool inflatables instead. You could have your guests swim around the pool to the music. When the music stops, each person must get onto an inflatable and remain on it for 30 seconds- this gives the person without an inflatable a chance to fight another person for their spot. Enjoy a laugh watching your friends scramble for an inflatable and remain on it.

3. Duck Racing

Here is yet another racing game! Provide each of the swimmers with a rubber duck. Each person has to push their duck to the other side of the pool (and back, if you want an extra challenge). This sounds simple enough; however, swimmers are only allowed to use their nose to push the duck. This game is a lot harder than it sounds, but it provides some good entertainment and is sure to keep your competitors occupied for a while.

4. Water Balloon Burst

This is a game for next to the pool, although you may still get wet. Divide your guests into teams of two and give them each an almost-bursting water balloon. Have each team navigate themselves and their water balloon through a series of obstacles, such as under chairs and over tables, without their water balloon breaking. If their balloon breaks, teams have to return to the beginning for a new balloon and restart the course.

5. The Slippery Watermelon

If you are looking for a laugh- this game is for you. Separate your guests into two equal teams on each side of the pool, facing each other. Grease a medium sized watermelon (watermelons float) with baby oil and see what team can get the watermelon to the opposite side of the pool. Due to the baby oil, the watermelon will be extremely slippery and hard to hold on to, making it almost impossible to hold or pass effectively. Make a rule that players are not allowed to hold the watermelon to their bodies.

Come Have a Fun-Filled Day at Wet Rock Adventures

As exciting as these games are, you don’t need to wait for Summer weather to have pool fun! Visit Wet Rock Adventures today or contact us to book your party; we will provide the fun – all you need to do is bring the cake and invite your guests! Join us for a fun-filled day with the whole family, why wait for Summer?

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