The Health Benefits of Swimming for Children (of All Ages !)

The Health Benefits of Swimming for Children (of All Ages !)

Swimming is not only a great way to pass the long, hot summer days, it is also a great way to keep your children healthy. At Wet Rock Adventures, we recommend that parents teach their children to swim as early as possible for the safety of their little ones and in addition, children that swim regularly will experience the many health benefits of swimming that will leave them visibly healthier and happier. Your child can burn off some energy while improving their overall fitness, mental health and oxygen intake, all while having a blast!

3 Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is not just a fun activity for children (and adults!), it also has a great impact on their health and fitness. Keep reading the blog as we share 4 benefits of swimming, just in time for summer!

1. Swimming is a Full Body Workout

Swimming is one of the few sports that work every major muscle in your body. From your biceps and triceps to your quads and calves, whether your child is playing pool games on a hot summer day, swimming a few relaxing lengths or competing against their friends in a competitive sprint, they are getting a full-body workout that will contribute to them maintaining a healthy child BMI. It is vital, during childhood, to engage in regular physical activity; swimming provides an activity that accommodates all types of children. Swimming allows you to tone muscles, improve your strength and lose weight all at the same time.

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2. Swimming Helps Improve Lung Capacity

Apart from improved muscle development, children who swim regularly also improve their oxygen intake. The ‘pulling’ arm motion that children make when swimming is linked to developing upper body muscles. Breathing whilst swimming will improve their lung capacity and assists in the development of the respiratory system. By swimming underwater, your child’s lung capacity will improve; a tell-tale sign of their improving fitness. Swimming will also increase your child’s heart rate without stressing their bodies, which will get their blood pumping in the best way.

3. Swimming Reduces Stress

As far as mental health goes, swimming is a fun way for children to de-stress. Due to swimming being such a peaceful and relaxing exercise, getting your child to regularly swim a few lengths will help them clear their head and focus on the current activity rather than any other problem playing on their minds. Having an activity that is relaxing and therapeutic for your child is a great way to start or end a busy school day.

Spend Today Swimming with Us At Wet Rock

If you are looking for somewhere your child can have fun, whilst burning some of their seemingly never-ending energy, then Wet Rock is your go-to! Open all year round, our indoor, heated waterpark is a fantastic day out for the whole family. Wet Rock is not only a swimming pool facility; we also have several water slides for the children to enjoy, as well as a great party venue. Enjoy a day so fun that you don’t realize you are exercising! Call Wet Rock today if you have any questions or queries about our waterpark or view our rates & operating hours here.

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