What to Consider When Booking Your Child’s Birthday Party Venue

What to Consider When Booking Your Child’s Birthday Party Venue

Birthdays are always so exciting, no matter your age- what is better than celebrating another lap around the sun? As a parent, you want to ensure that your child has the birthday party that they deserve and that starts with finding the perfect venue.

5 Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Birthday Party Venue

There are so many things to consider, such as your child’s interests, your budget and safety concerns, which is why we have compiled 5 tips for choosing the right birthday party venue for your child. Start the party-planning process by choosing the perfect party venue for your child using the 5 tips in this blog.

1. Stay Local

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a party venue is whether or not the venue to easily accessible for your guests. You may find that many parents will opt not to bring their child if the venue is way out of the area. Try to find a venue that is local and convenient for parents to get to, especially if they are dropping off and coming back to fetch later.

2. Consider the Venue’s Safety

This is extremely important, as you want to put the safety of your child and party guests first. Ensure that the venue you are looking at is safe for the age of the children and the type of party you are having. For example, if your party venue has water, ensure that there will be a lifeguard present if the children will be swimming, or fencing that will keep them away if they are not. You also want to ensure that the venue is secure and not open to the public; if you are responsible for a group of children, you want to ensure that they are unable to exit the venue easily.
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3. Ensure the Theme Suits the Venue

Ensuring that your theme suits the venue ensures that you will have enough space for activities and that the right resources are available for you. If your theme is ‘under the sea’, you will most likely want somewhere with water and not a playground, or if you are planning to organise all the party games then an empty room will be better suited than an elaborate playground, where children will be tempted to opt to play on the equipment rather than participate.

4. Consider Your Child’s Personality

This is super important when choosing a venue. It is extremely easy to get so caught up in planning the perfect party, that you forget to consider your child and what they like. You may get carried away planning the perfect action-packed birthday that your child’s friends will love but forget that your child might prefer something more mellow and small. You know your child best, so it is important to talk with them and find out what they want.

5. Choose a Venue that is Age-Appropriate

It is important to note that some venues do not permit children of all ages. Also, if you are planning a toddler’s birthday party, you want to ensure that the area has enough supervision and correct safety measures in place for young children, such as a padded play area. Older children require more activities, as they are easily bored, therefore, you may want to consider something like ice-skating or paintball, both activities are inappropriate for young children.

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