7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Pool Party

7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Pool Party

Pool parties are the ultimate summer party we all look forward to attending! There are great snacks, the top tracks of the summer playing, and you’re surrounded by your best friends partaking in a friendly/not-so-friendly game of volleyball.

How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party

At the moment, the idea of a pool party may seem like the perfect, relaxed Saturday afternoon; however, there is also a fair amount of preparation and planning that goes into a pool party. Our team at Wet Rock Adventures are pool party experts and are happy to share their top 5 pool party planning tips. Here are 5 tips on how to throw the pool party of the Summer.

1. Send Themed Invitations

Before you start planning your pool party, you need to have a clear picture in your mind on the type of theme and overall atmosphere you want to create, as well as the number of guests you intend on entertaining. Once you have a clear idea your party planning will be a lot easier. Invitations should be vibrant and fun, with the promise of a good time to come. Don’t forget to include all the necessary details on the invitation, such as what to bring, whether there will be a specific dress-code for the theme and where the party will be held.

2. Don’t Forget to Plan the Food

It can be stressful preparing a meal for a large crowd, but pre-planning the food will significantly reduce your stress. With the emphasis on a pool party being relaxed and fun, easy-to-prepare meals or snacks will ensure that the host and guests alike enjoy the party to the full.

A braai is a perfect way to cater for a pool party, with the cooking creating a place for guests to mingle and socialise, whilst still being part of the gathering. Another option could be hot dogs, which are easy to cook and are considered a success amongst young and old alike. Alternatively, finger foods, sandwiches, chopped up fruits and sweet treats may be prepared in advance and served throughout the party. Don’t forget that it isn’t a pool party without ice-lollies!

3. Don’t Skimp on Decor

Just because your party is outside around the pool doesn’t mean you should skip the decorations. Once your theme has been decided, decorations need to be bought, made or borrowed. Décor is crucial when setting the mood for a party and a summer pool party needs plenty of colour and fun props to encourage the relaxed and happy vibe. Inflatables, such as beach balls, lilos and flamingos, liven up the party atmosphere and double as entertainment. Other ‘summer-feeling’ decorations include fairy lights, lanterns, banners, streamers and balloons.

4. Provide Pool Toys

Pool parties wouldn’t be nearly as successful if there were no pool toys. Pool inflates such as giant flamingos, floating pizza slices and pineapple, pool noodles and tubes will keep your guests entertained for hours. Water guns are also always a firm favourite. If your pool is big enough, set up a volleyball net for some friendly competition between your guests. If you are hosting younger guests, provide some extra life-jackets for those you aren’t yet confident swimmers and a sprinkler for little ones to play in.

5. Plan Some Games

If you are worried about your guests getting bored in the pool, plan a few fun games to take up some time. Some fun pool game ideas can be found online; try to find some that are unique and not often played, this will make your party memorable.

Game idea: Have your guests split into two teams, then instruct half of each team to stand on the opposite end of the pool. Place two piles of clothing (pants, a shirt, socks and a hat). Have one guest at a time put on the clothes and swim the length of the pool, take the clothes off and give them to their teammate, continue until all guests have swum.

Book Your Adventure with Wet Rock Today!

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all this preparation, why not just let us throw the party for you? We have a private party room available for you, all you need to worry about is bringing the food, cake and decorations; no need to worry about entertaining your guests, they will entertain themselves. Call us today to find out more about us or book your ultimate pool party!

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