5 Swimming Safety Rules Everyone Should Learn

5 Swimming Safety Rules Everyone Should Learn

With Summer now in full-swing, most people are spending the hot, humid days submerged in the blissful coolness of their swimming pool or spending a fun-filled family day, burning off energy at Wet Rock Adventures. Whether you are a star swimmer or still finding your confidence, there are several swimming safety tips that everyone should know before they enter the water.

5 Swimming Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

We love spending time in the water, but we always believe that safety comes first. Make sure you familiarize yourself and loved ones with the tips in this blog before next enjoying a warm day by the pool to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.

Swim Safety Tip #1: Never Jump into an Unfamiliar Pool

We love a good cannonball and know that the sight of refreshingly blue pool water tends to send some of us into a frenzy, however, it is important to remember to always enter unfamiliar water feet first. Jumping and diving into unfamiliar pools has been the cause of thousands of injuries throughout the years, sometimes resulting in death. If you are unfamiliar with the depth of a swimming pool, jumping or diving can be an extremely dangerous form of entry- diving has proved most dangerous, being linked to a variety of tragic neck injuries, whilst jumping has had devastating effects on those swimming unseen underwater. Always enter feet first into a swimming pool to ensure that you know the depth and what lies beneath the surface.

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Swim Safety Tip #2: Monitor the Weather

If you are swimming outdoors, be sure to keep an eye on the weather. If you are in the ocean, strong winds tend to make the surface extremely choppy, which may cause difficulties when swimming. Even the strongest swimmer may have trouble when caught in a riptide or swimming against low-breaking waves.

Swim Safety Tip #3: Always Obey the Lifeguards Instructions

Lifeguards are present to ensure your safety at all times, which is why it is important to always obey their instructions. You may be unaware of an underlying current or other threat to your safety; it is the lifeguard’s job to inform you of these dangers and your responsibility to adhere to the rules implemented for your safety. Sometimes the rules may seem silly or appear to prevent you from having fun, but they always have an underlying reason that keeps you safe.

Swim Safety Tip #4: Know Your Swimming Limits

It is important to know your limits before you enter a swimming pool. This means that you are consciously aware of how deep you can go and for how long. You can get into difficulties if you get caught up in the fun and realize that you can’t tread water for more than 10 seconds at a time. You are putting yourself and others in danger by ignoring your limits, rather spend time practicing in water you feel comfortable in than deciding on a whim that you want to challenge yourself.

Swim Safety Tip #5: Never Swim Alone

This rule applies to everyone, regardless of your swimming level. You may think that if you are a fairly good swimmer than you will be fine swimming alone, however, disaster can strike in seconds. From accidently swimming headfirst into a wall or being stung by a bee, if you are swimming alone your chances of survival are significantly lower if you find yourself in trouble.

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At Wet Rock, your safety is our priority. Enjoy a stress-free family day or event knowing that your loved ones are having a blast, while staying safe. Come rain or shine, our indoor waterpark is ready for fun. Contact us today with any questions or queries regarding our park or hosting an event.

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